Hokkaido's Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Specialists

Power Trip Numero Uno

The allure of deep dry powder, Japanese cuisine and culture was the theme of 2011’s first Power Trip.  The 12 person crew hailed from the USA, Canada, Scotland, Australia, and England and the three guides from New Zealand, USA, and Japan respectively.

The team took right to the program of going to bed late, getting up early and skiing bell to bell on some of Hokkaido’s best terrain and snow.  Mother Nature decided to cooperate as well, dropping over two meters of fresh by the opening night of the trip.

Day 1 took us to Rusutsu, a powder haven about 45 minutes from Niseko.  Toby and Colin led each crew to the best lines; ensuring quality turns in the absolutely bottomless pow – I am talking waist deep at every turn!  With a cold beer in hand at the end of the day, everyone had a powder eating grin from ear to ear.

The second day was a Niseko play day, and with half the gates open, there was plenty of terrain to explore.  We even went the extra mile for a quiet and delicious lunch at Moiwa.  After a full day of shredding, we packed up the vans and navigated the 5-hour drive up to Furano for the second leg of the trip.

The sun decided to poke out on the third morning so we took advantage of the fine weather window and drove to Tokachidake for some of Hokkaido’s best backcountry.  The hike was difficult, but everyone got some quality turns and a well-deserved onsen at one of Hokkaido’s highest onsens.  An okinomiyaki dinner rounded out an excellent backcountry trip.


We rode Furano on the fourth day and tracked out all the best lines for early season.  You know its good when you bump into the Car Danche crew in the woods too!


We jumped in the vans that night and headed down to Sapporo for the final leg of the trip, stopping at Sushi Train!

Kokusai was our first stop which proved to be an excellent choice due to its deep wind blown pow.  We had to punch lines into all the terrain, so the going was a bit tough in the morning, but by the afternoon, the traverses were set and we were able to run hot laps.  Toby got local on the dinner too taking the crew to one of Sapporo’s secret soup curry spots, which proved to be a favorite with the team.


The final day at Teine was cold, but delivered some great snow as well.  With a lower base, all the drops and hits were even bigger and the crew did their best to hit everything in sight.  The final run of the trip descended down into the city of Sapporo where everyone was greeted with warm vans and cold cans of Sapporo.  The final night was spent out at one of Sapporo’s best Izakaya spots and the crew ate and drank all they could for the two hours of open drinking.

All in all, it was an epic trip and everyone went home stoked even with a major hangover.  We felt a bit bad for the lawyers on the trip who had to work their whole flight home.  See ya next year!




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